November update!

So much happened that I missed October's post—and was almost missing on November. I'm working at amazing projects lately, one of which—as you may know from my postings elsewhere—is the game Final Element

The guitars were played by André Marigo, a diehard Pantera fan and a longtime collaborator and friend of mine. I have most of the guitars for this baby recorded but the mix is so rough it might kill the audience, so I'll keep that in the internal circle for now. 

In October I also released the OST for Chuck the Whale, my most recent collaboration with GameDan team. I assume the release is imminent so I won't link to the game for now! 

This soundtrack was 100% made on the iPhone and is the second on the series of mini-projects I've been working on (the first being Megabricks, OST also available). And I'm right now working my way through Vividtracker for my third mini-project, this time with my awesome Brazilian team.

For now I must close up here, but soon there will be more to tell. Stick around!