Onwards to 2015!

2014 has been an excellent year, crowned by this month's release of SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition on Steam! 

I wrote more music for the new areas on the game; as a result we now have a truly jumbo soundtrack of 58 (?) tracks and counting, available through Bandcamp or as Steam DLC with the game. I've been also busy taking care of preparations for a very heavy 2015 in terms of TV productions and game releases, starting with Overture... tomorrow

Another incredible ongoing project has been the soundtrack to Tri Hard's game Final Element, for which I have been collaborating with André Marigo, a great friend from past adventures. Here's Dustin Oliver (lead boss), Ryou (main character), Glauber Kotaki (artist) and me hanging out on a secret room ingame!

To close off with a big bang, here's an EP of music I wrote for Clans of Torhal, an upcoming tactical RPG!

See you all in 2015, and cheers for a great year!