Visiting That Game Orchestra

Today I'm just back from visiting That Game Orchestra, a group of 12 young musicians (4 violins, viola, cello, bass, 2 flutes, bassoon, piano and percussion) dedicated to playing video game music. I sat through their rehearsal and we had a long talk afterwards—guess we could be collaborating soon! 

On the way to São Paulo I had a weird dream on the bus—during Daylight Savings all instruments would transpose up one semitone. 


Those guys know what's good—not a single transposing instrument aside from the bass (and it's an octave transposition, so we're cool). It's an arranger's dream!


First post!

Hello all!

What better way to begin this blog? Last Monday and Tuesday—November 11 and 12 (my birthday!) we had the second string sessions for the 8 o'clock novela, Amor à Vida, produced by my great friend and mentor Iuri Cunha. The team of musicians led by the incredible violinist Bernardo Bessler did an incredible job with my arrangements and, needless to say, we left the studio very happy with the results. 

Recording strings on  Estúdio Drum  in Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro

Recording strings on Estúdio Drum in Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro

I miss my batons. The first one was gifted to the incredible conductor Luigi Pagliarini, who found it to be the perfect weight and size for him during our stay at the Seasons Music Festival in Yakima, WA; the second broke in two on the flight back to Brazil. This picture was taken right before I had to start conducting with my pencil—I find flailing my arms for hours very taxing.