Breath of Tides

I have been collaborating with the multimedia artist Kristine Synowka on a new hybrid art-installation. I lack the words to explain exactly what it is, but we're creating a world of several dimensions, and the sound comes from me. Here are some gorgeous images from the project, and the music made for them.

Did somebody say "giant floating shark"?

Did somebody say "giant floating shark"?

Visiting That Game Orchestra

Today I'm just back from visiting That Game Orchestra, a group of 12 young musicians (4 violins, viola, cello, bass, 2 flutes, bassoon, piano and percussion) dedicated to playing video game music. I sat through their rehearsal and we had a long talk afterwards—guess we could be collaborating soon! 

On the way to São Paulo I had a weird dream on the bus—during Daylight Savings all instruments would transpose up one semitone. 


Those guys know what's good—not a single transposing instrument aside from the bass (and it's an octave transposition, so we're cool). It's an arranger's dream!


Visiting QUByte

Today I had the pleasure of visiting QUByte Interactive's headquarters in São Paulo. They're a prolific game studio and I've been really meaning to make music for these folks lately—and we're working to make it happen for three great upcoming titles. 


On the way back I failed to outrun a summer storm and came back soaked. I hope I don't catch a cold. Nobody's got time for that!