Music for Media

Since 2010, I have been strongly involved with Rede Globo de Televisão, Brazil's main television broadcast company; I have worked as pianist, arranger and conductor for several shows of international reach. I am the youngest member of Musimagem, the Brazilian association of composers for media, and a featured teacher in its course of music for media in the Brazilian Conservatory of Music. 

During this time, I have conducted several studio recordings with varied groups of instruments, and produced many soundtracks that would play daily on primetime in Brazil and also abroad.

I originally took interest in composition by listening to video game soundtracks; naturally I was drawn to scoring video games after I matured as a composer.

Since 2011 I have been working continuously with independent developers and publishers in many titles ranging a variety of musical styles and means of composing; the folio includes chiptunes, tracker music (made on the iPhone), sequenced orchestral music, electronic music, solo piano works and more.

Below is a track in which I arranged for a dixie band, wrote a part of the lyrics and played piano. The singer is Ivete Sangalo, axé music diva and one of Brazil's most famous vocalists. 

In contrast, here is a soundtrack piece I did for a demonstration not long ago, using only electronic means and doing all the recording work by myself. My full reel can be accessed clicking here.

While scoring video games, I have also developed proficiency in the "chiptune" 8-bit retro style that is in vogue on video game soundtracks nowadays. 

Scoring video games has been one of my primary occupations along TV shows since I have finished my Master's Degree. In this site and in my Bandcamp page (link), you can find several examples of my composing for this type of media.