World Music

During the course of my Master's Degree, I was offered a position as Graduate Assistant to the World Music Ensembles at West Virginia University, directed by Dr. Michael B. Vercelli. My initial task as such was to teach a year of Brazilian music. 

The course was open to all majors, so many times I had to work with non-trained musicians. It was a very rewarding experience to see a non-musician student transform into a fully functional bandmember, playing an "ethnic" style of music with which he had no prior experience.

This was in our first year:

... and this was in our second year. Feel free to skip around to the parts in which we are actually playing.

Here is Moonlight Dance, an original composition by me (with lyrics by my student Xin Tian Koh). I was the primary instructor in the WVU Gamelan Ensemble for a year, and curated its repertoire during my stay including several original pieces. 

This video is from the first half of the year-long course, where we explored the Javanese style. We explored Gong Kebyar with a Balinese set in the second half of the course.

Here is one of the many arrangements I wrote and taught in our Steel Ensemble. I was involved with writing repertoire and rehearsing the group twice a week for two years during my Master's Degree. We had visits, approval and performances with the steel drum pioneer Ellie Mannette and managed to play in the Fourth of July Celebration in the National Mall in Washington, DC.

This arrangement was so successful I was commissioned a version for the marching band! Click here to watch.